Cork underlayment

We supply cork underlayment in a variety of designs: in rolls or panels, suitable for any type of finish. Our products are certified and have excellent noise insulation properties.

Cork in rolls

Cork in rolls

Dimension 1×10 m

Thickness 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 mm

Cork panels

Cork panels

Dimension 1×10 m

Thickness 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 mm

floor one

For Ceramic floors

floor two

For Laminates floor

floor three

For LVT floors

floor four

For Wood floors

Cork solutions

Sustainable and highly durable and performing solutions made of agglomerated cork to assure sound insulation, improve thermal comfort and protect the floor of any space. Cork is a common denominator used in all our underlayments

When applied beneath a flooring system, a cork-based underlayment provides greater comfort, protection and longevity to the final floor.

Type 1

T66 Performance

Type 2

T61 Balance

Type 3

T04 Maximum

Type 4

T27 Force

Type 5

T85 Comfort

Type 6

T10 Essence

Type 7

T47 Versatile

Type 8

T92 Selection

Properties of our cork underlayment

Our cork underlayment has excellent thermal and noise insulation properties. An all-natural product with a high degree of durability.

Carbon balance negative

Has a carbon footprint 20x lower than a standard synthetic foam underlay


Performance over time


Acoustic insulation properties


Thermal insulation properties


Resistance and walking comfort


Compressive creep


Made of natural and recycled raw material


Cork oak plantations in Alentejo Portugal

Portuguese cork oak

Cork harvesting is an environmentally friendly process and no trees are cut down. The cork bark is cut every nine years without damaging the tree. A single oak tree can produce up to 20 harvests during its 200-year life. The leader in cork production is Portugal. This is where our products are produced, meeting the high quality requirements and physical characteristics of the finished product.

Flexible and adaptable

High durability

Tested according to MMFA/EPLF higher requirements groups 1 and 2

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